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The Paris Region: Operating and Planning Freight at multiple Levels in a European City
Author(s)/Project leader: Dablanc, Laetitia, Fremont, Antoine
Research organisation: CoE Southern California U, USA
Year: 2012
In: Hall, P. and Hesse, M. (Eds.) Cities, Regions and Flows, New York: Routledge
Keywords: Freight at multiple levels, European cities
Type: Book chapter
Institutional Barriers to Sustainable Transport
Author(s)/Project leader: Curtis, Carey, Low, Nicholas
Research organisation: CoE Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2012
In: Ashgate
Keywords: Transport planning; car dependence; transport policy; sustainable mobility
Type: Book
Transforming Urban Transport - The Ethics, Politics and Practices of Sustainable Mobility
Author(s)/Project leader: Low, Nicholas
Research organisation: CoE Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2012
In: Routledge
Keywords: Automobility; urban mobility; urban transport planning
Type: Book
A Study on Planning and Developing Strategies to Improve the Efficiency of Urban Logistics Facilities in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
Author(s)/Project leader: Ahn, Chang Jin, Lee, Jee-Sun, Seo, Sang Beom
Research organisation: CoE Southern California U, USA
Year: 2011
In: (SMA includes the cities of Seoul and Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province), KOTI and Korea MLTM (without any English abstract) -- prepared by KOTI and reviewed & refereed by KOREA MLTM
Keywords: Urban Logistics facilities
Type: Report
Logistics Master Planning for the City of Seoul
Author(s)/Project leader: Ahn, Chang Jin, Kwon, Hyeok Ku, Seo, Sang Beom
Research organisation: CoE Southern California U, USA
Year: 2011
In: “Logistics Master Planning for the City of Seoul, KOTI and Seoul Metropolitan Government” (with no English abstract) -- prepared by KOTI and reviewed & refereed by Seoul Metropolitan Government
Keywords: Logistics, Planning
Type: Report
Urban Freight Consultations in the Paris Region
Author(s)/Project leader: Dablanc, Laetitia, Diziain, Diana, Levifve, Hervé
Research organisation: CoE Southern California U, USA
Year: 2011
In: European Transport Research Review, 3 (1), 47-57.
Keywords: Urban freight
Type: Research article
Scheduling freight trains traveling on complex networks
Author(s)/Project leader: Dessouky, Maged, Mu, Shi
Research organisation: CoE Southern California U, USA
Year: 2011
In: Transportation Research Part B: Methodological , 45, 1103-1123, 2011.
Keywords: Trains; Scheduling; Optimization; Heuristics
Type: Research article
Urban delivery industry response to cordon pricing, time—distance pricing, and carrier—receiver policies in competitive markets
Author(s)/Project leader: Holguin-Veras, José
Research organisation: CoE Rensselaer, USA
Year: 2011
In: Elsevier, Transportation Research
Keywords: Freight demand management, freight pricing, Congestion pricing, Incentives, Carrier-receiver interactions
Type: Research article
10 Years with the FUT-programme
Author(s)/Project leader: Behrens, Roger, Burke, Matthew, Carrigan, Aileen, Daganzo, Carlos F., Dimitriou, Harry T., Glover, Leigh, Hensher, David, Hidalgo, Dario, Klopp, Jacqueline, Legacy, Crystal, Low, Nicholas, Mohan, Dinesh, Mulley, Corinne, Muñoz, Juan Carlos, Sclar, Elliott, Tiwari, Geetam, Wittlöv, Arne, Wolmar, Christian, Jiang, Yulin
Research organisation: Year: 2011
In: 2011
Keywords: FUT-Programme
Type: Book
Transport modeling for Nairobi metropolitan area
Author(s)/Project leader: Sclar, Elliott
Research organisation: CoE New York, USA
Year: 2011
In: VREF, Smaller Project 2006-39
Keywords: transport and land use planning, Nairobi, GIS
Type: Final Report
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CALL FOR NOMINATION FOR the Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research

The VREF invites universities located in Sweden to nominate candidates for The Håkan Frisinger Award (Håkan Frisingers pris till framstående transportforskare) and apply for a VREF Visiting Researcher Grant for the nominated candidate.

Open for nomination until 2021-03-15. Read more...PDF (pdf, 233.8 kB)

MOBILITY GRANT 2021- MAC-MG 2021PDF (pdf, 443.4 kB)

The VREF invites PhD students and advanced master students from Sub-Saharan African (SSA) universities to apply for a Mobility Grant (MG) to support a visit to another SSA university with up to SEK 25 000.


The VREF invites PhD students and researchers in early stages of their career to apply for a Study Visit Grant to be supported with up to SEK 30 000.

Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarships for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency targets supporting the momentum of Lee Schipper’s contribution to the international policy dialogue in these fields.

This yearly award is aimed at supporting young individual researchers and students in is pursuance.

Call deadline: March 1, 2021 .


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